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  • The Perfect Year by InsideHook

Weekend getaways. Exotic vacations. Adventures. The Perfect Year reveals all the things you've ever wanted to do — but never knew how to find, or that even existed. InsideHook, the essential city guide for adventurous men, will help you build your bucket list of must-do experiences.

With The Perfect Year, you can:

  • find amazing adventures by flipping through gorgeous photos. Dune hang gliding in California. Steelhead fly fishing in British Columbia. Swimming in Victoria Falls. It's all in here.
  • save adventures to your to-do list and BlackBerry calendar
  • share your favorite experiences with a single touch, across social networks, email, BBM, BlackBerry remember, and NFC.
  • locate adventures easily on the BlackBerry map
  • get more information on each experience with BlackBerry Browser, without ever leaving the app
  • contact the merchants who can make an adventure a reality

Download it now.

  • A Day In The Life
  • We took a stroll with the BlackBerry Q10. It got interesting.

At InsideHook, we spend a lot of time scouring the city for things that busy and successful guys (i.e., you) don’t have the time to find on your own.

Bench-made wingtips. Zeppelin tours above Paris. We even found a jetpack once and strapped Rob Lowe onto it. You’ve never seen a happier man.

Lately, to stay connected on these adventures, we’ve been using the new BlackBerry Q10.

We could tell you about all its features — the apps, the time-shift camera, the raised QWERTY keyboard that's wonderfully intuitive to use, making you the no-look Steve Nash of texts and emails.

But instead, we made a video.

In which there’s a pretty blonde in a tiny black dress. And a speakeasy. And our office. Yes, the young man fetching the hat is actually our intern. His name is Tarantino. He’s going places. Check it out.

  • Celebrating The Perfect Year

Earlier this year we celebrated The Perfect Year in San Francisco with our partner and curator, Tim Ferriss. Everybody looked crazy sexy. Check out the video above.

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