Watches | November 25, 2015 9:00 am

Why You Should Invest in a Rolex

In which experts tell you everything else is precious junk

By The Editors

Earn more. Save more. Invest better.

Mantra of men with little time and money to spend.

But if you think you should be literally investing in time — i.e., the Swiss kind — you need to think again. Time Money recently offered up an explanation for the murky waters of high-end watch investments, from where aspiring horophiles should start their collections to how they can best position themselves to generate a respectable ROI.

Answer: Rolexes.

Which might sound a self-evident. But the number-one name in luxury tickers has demonstrated time and again that they hold value extremely well in a highly unpredictable market. Paul Altieri, CEO of vintage Rolex dealer Bob’s Watches, tells Time: “In general, the watches that have done the best over time have been the sport watches: The GMT, the Submariner, and the Daytona.”

But the universal reason to go big on a timepiece?

Enjoyment for yourself. Not return on investment.

Time to start saving.

Via Time