Watches | June 1, 2021 11:17 am

Deal: Todd Snyder’s Refined Take on the Q Timex Is $50 Off

Just like the clothes, the beauty of this watch is in the details

The Todd Snyder Q Timex watch on a grey background
Take 27% off Todd Snyder's take on the Q Timex watch.
Todd Snyder

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If you need a simple runabout watch this summer, one that you won’t worry about getting a little sandy here, a little sunscreen-y there, you can hardly do better than the retro-inspired, quartz-powered Q Timex line. I say hardly, because you can actually do better with Todd Snyder’s take on that watch which is currently $50 off.

We’ve enjoyed wearing Timex’s original reissue of a ‘70s style for the carefully considered details, and that’s the same reason we like Todd’s more refined take. Here we’ve got the same perfectly sized 38mm case and diving-inspired rotating bezel, but with a stainless-steel aesthetic that carries across the timepiece that works well with the slimmed down hands and indices. Summer clothes are already louder by definition, so go ahead and get yourself a watch that balances out those decibels.

That’s not to say the Todd Snyder Q Timex is boring. Zoom in and you’ll see a few red accents, on the seconds hand and across the dial. Altogether the color story here reminds me of the intro to a James Bond flick; and while 007 is wearing Omega on the job, I’d like to think he’d rock this while on holiday.