Watches | January 30, 2020 2:32 pm

Deal: It's Time to Buy a Timex, Because They're Up to 50% Off

Over 100 watch styles are on sale through Friday

Take up to 50% off over a hundred different watch styles at Timex

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We’ve mentioned this before, but when the Timex watch debuted in 1950 (from the then-monikered U.S. Time Company), jewelers wouldn’t carry the timepiece because of its low 50 percent markup. Other brands apparently offered 100 percent. 

So besides durability, Timex has always been about affordability. Add in a new sale that finds over 100 styles at up to half-off, and you’ve got yourself a new timepiece for the season. Or two, or three (hey, some of these are under $50!).

The sale ends Friday.

Waterbury Linear Chronograph 45mm Leather Strap

Waterbury Linear Chronograph 45mm Leather Strap


Weekender Chronograph 40mm

Expedition Field Chronograph 43mm

IRONMAN Classic 30 Full-Size

MK1 Aluminum California 40mm