Watches | February 24, 2020 1:26 pm

I Dare You to Find a Cheaper, Handsomer Automatic Watch

Three new Timex Marlin colors mean it’s time to buy

Timex Marlin Automatic Watch New Colors
The Timex Marlin Automatic didn't capture the feeling of the hand-wound watch ... until these colors came along.

For the past few years, Timex has been on a roll, refreshing archival watches with a deft hand most people didn’t expect from the affordable brand — leading to near universal praise for certain models, even from people who wear Rolex and Omega. One of my personal favorites from their winning streak, as I’ve written about before, is the hand-wound Marlin.

Now, plenty of men out there might not be fans of such a needy movement or the smaller 34mm size, so Timex came out with a beefier, automatic edition. The problem? The colors were frankly boring and didn’t capture the same feeling as the original release. 

Now, Timex has released three new colors of the Marlin Automatic, and they’re perfect. It’s the kind of update that makes you wonder why they didn’t put these out right off the bat. I’d personally steer you towards the just-eccentric-enough emerald green and stainless steel version or the stately brown and cream with rose-gold accents, but there’s also a blacked-out colorway, and I know how many of dudes out there are still color averse despite all of our advice, so there’s something for everyone.

When we really get down to it, what we have here is one of the most affordable automatic timepieces on the market that you’ll be able to wear out and have people go, “Wow, what watch is that?” instead of, “Nice Timex.” 

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