The Don Draper Watch Sale
By The Editors / December 16, 2015 9:00 am

Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner and prop master Ellen Freund were sticklers for authenticity. When we went on the set of the show last year to shoot all of the sunglasses they used, we noticed that even the furniture had been intentionally distressed to make the actors feel more in character.

The silk pocket square. The gold Zippo. The unopened mail. All carefully researched and vetted to depict the mores and trappings of Don Draper’s 1960s NYC.

And now you can own a piece of it.

Today, Christie’s is holding a rare watch auction that includes four of the tickers from Mad Men, including Don’s signature Omega Seamaster. Proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders.

Here are the four available, as curated by vintage watch specialist Derek Deir for the show’s fifth season:

Don Draper’s Crosshair Omega Seamaster
Hamm also wore this one on his cover shoot for Rolling Stone.

Roger Sterling’s Tudor Oyster-Prince
An apt name for a watch worn by the blue-blooded silver fox.

Pete Campbell’s Hamilton Sputnik
Very art deco, with a 10k gold filling and an appropriately mid-century moniker.

Megan Draper’s Jules Jürgensen
White gold with diamonds, and trophy wife-approved.