Watches | December 13, 2016 9:00 am

Twist, Click, et Voila: Your Watch Is Now a Bike Odometer

From Switzerland, with ingenuity

Utility and style make for strange bedfellows. Just ask any woman who’s ever tried to run for the train in heels.

The oldest exception to this rule, of course, is the Swiss watch, which remains the benchmark for functionally stylish menswear.

But despite its long and storied pedigree, there’s always room for improvement. Hence: The Moskito, now on Kickstarter, an analog/digital hybrid that converts from your daily ticker to a bike odometer with “smart” features in seconds.

Before we even get into the technical components, let us first commend the Moskito’s aesthetics: a simple, elegant face sits on a leather band and metal bezel. And that less-is-more approach is a very much a breath of fresh air in the oft-over-embellished world of smartwatch design. Which is what this watch is: beyond keeping time, it has the ability to alert you of calls, emails and — get this — the speed at which you’re cycling to work.

That’s right, the Moskito doubles as a bike odometer, and it can track your distance and speed and help you stay on top of your performance all while looking damn handsome. It locks between your handlebars with an included mount, is rechargeable and connects to both Strava and Garmin navigation tools.

For $528, you can get in on the ground floor, and have one in hand by next fall.