Watches | March 8, 2017 9:00 am

Here’s a Leather Watch Strap That’ll Turn Any Timepiece Into a Smart One

Because life's too short to be tied down, man

“Smartwatch” is a deceiving moniker, as anyone who’s worn one knows.

The data collection stops if you ever take it off (and please say you take it off once in a while). As for style, let’s just say no outfit has ever benefitted from a tiny computer screen at the wrist. 

No need to fret, wearable obsessives. Swiss company Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) is here with the E-Strap. It’s a small buckle extension with all the essentials of a smartwatch, but  without the tacky design. In fact, it’s functional with your entire Swiss watch collection.

The device tracks run-of-the-mill activity like steps, calories burned and distance traveled, but it also offers detailed sleep analysis and coaching features. This data can be stored independently for up to 30 days, but can also be automatically analyzed on the MMT-365 smartphone app (available for Apple and Android). And you can place it under your pillow at night to get the benefits of the sleep data without wearing it.

For those with more than one watch, the E-Strap device is designed to fit on 3rd party bands. And it only needs to be charged once a week, so on the scale of smartwatches, we’re talking low maintenance.

Watch blog Worn & Wound notes that MMT is workling with companies like Frederique Constant to distribute the integrated E-Straps by as early as April.

Keep an eye on MMT for the release of individual bands.