Watches | December 15, 2014 9:00 am

The Holiday Watch Guide

Eight timepieces perfect for gifting

By The Editors

This season, consider the gift of a watch.

Attractive. Hefty. Stylish.

But a damn hard thing to buy for a man — whether he’s young and just starting out, or simply someone who will appreciate such an attractive gift.

Hence, our helpful and informative Holiday Watch Buying Guide.

A few words of context, before you begin.

These are modestly priced gifts for the holiday giver.

Timepieces to gift a son, a nephew, or someone just beginning to appreciate watches.

We are not recommending, say, Rolex or Patek Philippe — superlative pieces that deserve consideration on par with their heritage and philosophies of excellence (we’ll recommend those during, y’know, bonus season).

But we are sticking to the classics.

No futuristic activity tracks.

No Bond-like gadgets or chronographs built from mammoth ivory.

So, please, read up.

Certainly worth your time.