Watches | July 12, 2016 9:00 am

BLOCKS: An Open-Platform Smartwatch That Evolves With Its User

It’s the world’s first obsolescence-proof smartwatch

Oftentimes, the more bells and whistles you add to something, the less useful it becomes.

Looking at you, automatic coffee-bean grinder/maker.

But BLOCKS, the “world’s first modular smartwatch,” bucks that trend by allowing you, the end user, to equip the watch for different tasks by swapping out “modules” whose functions range from heart-rate tracking to flash drives to extra battery life.

Where BLOCKS really separates itself from the competition, though, is that these modules are entirely open platform — meaning programmers around the world can develop new modules that can be shared with other users via the BLOCKS store. Basically, it’s a smartwatch that can be endlessly innovated and improved upon … without forcing you to go out and buy a new one.

The London based company came up with the idea in 2013, was funded through Kickstarter last fall to the tune of $1.6M, and is now taking taking preorders, which they estimate will be delivered by this fall.

The toughest part? The waiting.