Watches | June 14, 2016 9:00 am

Sexy Watch. Sexy Price. Bully for You.

Your perfect summer watch is Swiss-made, Australian-designed

Unlikely collaborations that totally work: Chicken and waffles. Tyrion Lannister and the Mother of Dragons. And now: Australia and Switzerland.

Visionaries from the two rather disparate countries have come together to craft Bausele, a luxury line of watches that are bold, decidedly built for ocean adventures and — unlike the lands from whence they come — rather affordable.

Think of it as the perfect collaboration for your summer wardrobe.

Bausele — which stands for “Beyond Australian Elements” — was conceptualized by founder Christophe Hoppe, a Swiss entrepreneur/watch expert who years ago moved from Geneva to Australia.

Which is how you get the interesting intercontinental hybrid. The watches themselves are Swiss made. The Aussie part comes in the design: besides being geared toward the adventurous, ocean-faring explorer (these are timepieces built for yachting, surfing and diving), each of the Bausele watches features a hollow crown containing elements from the Australian landscape: red earth, beach sand, opal, etc.

Each Bausele comes with two easily interchangeable bands and a magnifying lens. Plus: a five-year warranty.

The watches:

Ocean Moon II
Available in four models, the 47mm Moon II tracks both lunar phases and tidal movements. Water resistant up to 660 feet. Features a silicone strap for your surfing adventures, and a leather strap for your night out. (From $890)

Pilot Automatic
Inspired both by Sydney landmarks (the Tower and the Harbour Bridge) and aviation timekeepers, the Pilot features a “12” where you’d normally see the “2” —so if your hands are on, say a steering wheel, you’ll be able to know the time at a glance. (Pro tip: Bausele founder Hoppe also told us it’s great for office meetings to surreptitiously check the time.) The watch features Super-LumiNova hands, a matte ceramic watch case, a sapphire crystal in the front and back and a bit of Australia’s red earth in the hollow crown. (From $1,090)

Chrono S
A nautically inspired beauty with an unscratchable sapphire crystal face, stainless steel casing and a yachting timer (perfect for your summer regatta days). Water-resistant up to 20 ATM, or 660 feet. (From $950)

Coming in early July: The Terra Australis, built from a proprietary high-strength ceramic called Bauselite that’s eminently lightweight.

Strong and light: another great hybrid.