Watches | June 29, 2015 9:00 am

A Vintage Watch to Match Your Favorite Suit

Comes with a story, too.

By The Editors

Every watch can tell time.

But only a vintage watch can tell a story.

(Note: “I like Apple!” is not a story.)

Which is where analog/shift comes along.

A/S are expert curators of beautifully vintage timepieces.

But they’re also more than that. They’re a lifestyle. An all-analog lifestyle.

“Anything digital is a disposable commodity,” says James Lamdin, analog’s CEO/founder. “Mechanical wristwatches aren’t necessarily the most practical choice, but they evoke an emotional response and connection you won’t see with electronics.”

“And they last.”

To that end, a.s. specializes in classic watch brands: Rolex, Tudor, Breitling, Heuer, Longines, Tissot.

On their site, they delve into each brand’s history — and the history of each individual watch they sell. They pontificate when needed (“A good tool watch should be versatile, capable of accompanying the wearer through any walk of his or her life, not simply the narrow tasks accomplished therein”) and offer straightforward style advice (“Pairs well with a suit and tie”).

They also sell some rather handsome leather watch straps.

For those overwhelmed by choice, we asked Lamdin to pick out three of his favorite vintage timepieces.

Time to shine.


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