Prepare to Blow a Paycheck or Two on Vanderhall’s New One-Seat Speedster
By Tanner Garrity / August 21, 2018 9:00 am

No one does three-wheeled, bat-outta-hell, hot-rod-style motor vehicles quite like Vanderhall. OK, fine: no one else really does them at all. But that’s probably because the market is cornered.

First there was the three-seater Venice. Next came the Edison, an electric model that dropped earlier this year. And now, we’re grinning stupidly over the Speedster, a one-seat version of the Venice that was built — yeah, yeah you guessed it — for pure, unfettered speed.

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For the most part, this thing isn’t a far mechanical cry from the Venice. It’s got three 18” wheels, a 180-HP engine and a six-speed auto transmission. There are heated seats, a might-as-well-not-be-there windshield, integrated audio and the enlarged rear deck.

But the deletion of extra passenger space has lent the overall design a newfound sleekness. In its place, you’ll find just a straked aluminum cover panel, glinting in the same silver vintage spray that covers the whole body. Inside the cockpit, you’ve got a wooden steering wheel, Saxony Brown upholstery and a seat that thrums with feedback when you put your foot down.

Find more info on preordering yours here. You’ll need a grand for the down payment, and another $29K to bring it home.