Vehicles | April 13, 2017 9:00 am

We Hereby Dub Toyota’s New Off-Roader the Swiss Army Truck

The dash is a boombox. The armrest is a sleeping bag. Etc.

These days being a jack of all trades doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a master of none. 

Proof: Toyota’s new FT-4X concept, which debuted at the New York Auto Show. It’s a clever automotive advancement, using modular thinking that enables the car to be reconfigured depending on the adventure-loving impulses of today’s young buyers. 

toyota ft-4w (7 images)

Going on a camping trip? You can remove the Bluetooth stereo to play by the fire, and the ceiling lights remove to be used as an LED lantern. Kayaking? The roof racks adjust to the size of your boat. Surfing? They adjust to your board. Thirsty? The door handles are water bottles. Seriously.

The combinations are mind boggling. The interiors are done in partnership with NorthFace and include a sleeping bag in the armrest; you can also assume that the seats are weatherproof. 

Electrical outlets can be found on the car’s exterior so you can plug in tools, and the tailgate can be augmented to open a variety of ways — from split door to hatchback. There’s even a spot to place your GoPro.

Because if there’s one thing the younger generation loves, it’s to star in its own movies.