You Never Thought a Tiny Home Could Help You Burn Calories, Did You?

Mississippi doesn’t offer much in the way of rock climbing.

But the Magnolia state does offer inexpensive, open spaces — a perfect scenario for downsizing to a tiny home.

One couple did just that, but took their love for rock climbing along for the ride by commissioning Tiny Heirloom to build an abode with a bouldering wall on its facade.

We’ve reported on Tiny Heirloom before, and the Oregon-based company excels at packing a lot of luxury into a small space. This particular configuration has a lofted bed and reading area, with a galley kitchen with a stainless steel basin sink and a gourmet gas range. The bathroom has a rainshower and a soaking tub.

But it’s the finishes that really make the interiors sing: blue tiles filling in the archway to the bathroom; reclaimed wood and edison bulbs dangling from the ceiling.

The home’s main feature, however, is the garage door-style window that opens up on the same side as the climbing wall. Meanwhile, RV hook-ups means this thing is up for any adventure.

If you wanna check out more of more luxury tiny homes, be sure to head on over to Tiny Heirloom.