Vehicles | December 12, 2016 9:00 am

This 1BR Cabin on Wheels Can Tow 16,000+ Pounds Up a Mountain


Measuring in at approximately 11 feet long, three feet high and 700 pounds light, the Siberian tiger — the largest cat in the world — can eat more than 60 pounds of meat during a single sitting.

While not quite as menacing as its flesh-eating namesake, we still wouldn’t want to get between the Siberian adventure vehicle and its next fill-up.

New from South Carolina-based Tiger Adventure Vehicles and available on the chassis of a Ford F550 or Ram 5500, the Siberian comes with a roomy coach equipped with a dry bath, full kitchen and overhead sleeping area that can fit a king bed.

Made from aluminum filled with two inches of insulation, the coach body is solid as well as quiet, and stylized in such a way that most of its mechanical components are hidden from view.

Full of amenities like granite-style surfaces, bamboo cabinetry, recessed LED lighting and an entertainment system, the off-road ready model uses AGM batteries that can supply 900-amp hours of juice as well as solar panels that can chip in an additional 600 watts of power.

Starting at around $250,000 for a base model, both iterations of the Siberian can be upgraded with 41.5-inch tires, wifi boosters and a front winch capable of pulling 16,500 pounds.

Cat’s got claws.