Vehicles | December 12, 2016 9:00 am

Self-Stabilizing Bike Eliminates the Need for Balance, Kickstands

Get bent, gravity

With autonomous car technology progressing at approximately the same rate LeBron’s hairline is regressing, it’s starting to look like the ability to operate a motor vehicle will soon go the way of the Ford Pinto.

And thanks to innovators like Hawaii-based Thrustcycle Enterprises, motorcycles are in the midst of a similar evolution.

Thrustcycle has designed a self-stabilizing electric motorcycle called the GyroCycle that creates a “gyroscopic effect” using internal flywheels in order to stay upright during use and while parked.

Meant to be both safe and sustainable, the prototype vehicle’s battery is able to use the flywheel to recapture energy during braking to give the bike an 80-mile range and top speed of 75 MPH.

Production timelines for various components of the bike are still up in the air, but there is some hope the first limited run of GyroCycles will be available in 2017 for about $20,000.

Too bad for big kickstand.