Dream Yacht Sales

Owning a yacht? Despite what we claimed, not so easy.

Owning a fraction of a yacht? Now that has potential.

New from Dream Yacht Sales, the Fractional Ownership Program allows interested buyers the chance to enjoy the open waters like a bona fide playboy … without the burden of fully owning (and maintaining) a boat.

With the Dream FOP, you’re only purchasing a 25% share of a yacht. From there, each of the four owners receives up to five personal sailing weeks per year on their own vessel — or any available yacht in the company’s worldwide fleet. You can sell your share at any time, or wait for the 60-month charter period to end and receive one-fourth of any profits from the sale of the boat.

While yachts decrease in value over time, you still might make back some of your $$$. And the perks, beyond five weeks on the open seas? No dockage, insurance or boat maintenance costs.

Photo: Dream Yacht Sales