Vehicles | December 9, 2016 9:00 am

If a Jeep Climbs a Mountain and No One Hears It, Does It Make a Sound?

Not this one. It's electric.

As an auto enthusiast who is also an environmentally conscious human, I am basically in an endless loop of existential crisis.

But today, some mad geniuses in Korea have filled my speed-, power- and combustion-loving heart with joy, because they’ve turned a battalion of Jeep EV Wranglers electric.

From the CAD4X Laboratory at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology comes a dirt-scrambling, river-crossing, rock-climbing 4×4 packing dual kW motors and Kokam NMC batteries. Revel in delight as you watch 160 ponies and 210 ft-lbs of instantaneous torque conquer even the wildest terrain.

All the adrenaline, none of the emissions.

Today is a good day.   

via Truck Yeah!