Vehicles | December 9, 2016 9:00 am

Watch Some Dudes Build a Race Car From Scratch on YouTube

You, later tonight: ‘Can we honey? Pleeeease?!’

Technology has done more than streamline processes, it’s also simplified the realization of your dreams.

Twenty years ago if you wanted to produce your own music, you needed to know someone and to have a serious bankroll. Today, you can churn out a hit, so to speak, on your lunchbreak with no more than a laptop.

And the same goes for bigger, more involved dreams, like building your own racecar.

Which is exactly what these Aussies at Thomsen Motorsport are up to, and lucky for all wannabe auto techs out there, they’re documenting the entire process on their YouTube channel. After some six years of racing other makes, this team thought it was high time to create something of their own, and with the design help of a specialty CAD system the otherwise expensive and time sucking process became relatively simple — or at least very doable.

Sure, the process still requires some trial-and-error and they hit some bumps in the road on the way. For instance, out of the gates on their first test drive the clutch didn’t work and reverse was where forward should be.

But all in all, they are well on their way to turning this single-seat, open-wheel, VW-powered Formula Vee into a bonafide track-ready racer.

Follow along on their journey on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, with new videos being released every second Thursday.

via The Truth About Cars