The Turtlebacker: Half Camper. Half Flatbed Truck. All Amazing.
By Reuben Brody / November 17, 2017 9:00 am

For some men, going deep into the wilderness is a slow and leisurely affair … something that happens on foot or in a trout stream, or planted firmly somewhere with a view.

Others just like to rip it up on an ATV or a dirt bike.

Gents in that latter camp, take a gander at the Turtlebacker, a flatbed camping trailer that can transport your gear and your off-road vehicles with 45 cubic feet of storage.

turtlebacker (5 images)

The sleeping and gear portion packs neatly away, and the powder-coated aluminum exterior and wood interior maximize handsomeness. You can add-on features like solar panels and extra battery, but it comes with a standard 42-gallon water tank and six-gallon water heater for showers.

And seeing as the older we get the more we need the comforts of a bed in lieu of the ground, the camper’s bed is a Cali King.

Big boy toys.