Vehicles | March 7, 2017 9:00 am

One Thousand. That’s How Many Diamonds Were Used to Paint This Rolls-Royce.

Look upon it and weep.

Rolls-Royce rained literal diamonds onto the new Ghost Elegance.

Just revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, it has us asking, “Where do we really go from here?”

Because the first-of-its-kind diamond paint, coined “Diamond Stardust,” produced at the fervent request of a Rolls VIP, is actually 1,000 crushed precious stones which the manufacturer spent two months in trial-and-error to change into paint form. They mixed the fine, sparkling powder with the paint and applied it to the Ghost with a protective coat atop. This to ensure that the diamond dust was sealed in and that the surface was smooth to the touch. The entire application process, executed by hand, took two full days.

Rolls (2 images)

The Ghost was then polished off and accented with a hand-painted pin-striping via a single squirrel-hair brush. You can’t make this stuff up. After which, a small coupling of Mugello Red stripes were added along the ride’s 21-inch wheels.

The interior, as one might expect, is no less opulent. The chauffeur’s cockpit is dressed in black leather with Mugello Red stitching along the doors and seats. And the driver will step lovingly onto the finest lambswool floormats. While the dash features an open-pore Tudor Oak veneer complete with bespoke clock.

In the rear “sanctuary” the seats are covered in a supple Selby Grey leather with more Mugello Red stitching and piping, while the inner pockets are lined in a grey, black and red tartan pattern — the owner’s favorite.

The cost of the finish was not disclosed, but at an estimated $3,250 per carat we’ll let you do the math.

But  we’re curious, if the 30th wedding anniversary is pearls, the 40th is rubies and the 50th is gold, what anniversary warrants a diamond-lined ride as such? We’re thinking 100th.