Vehicles | July 20, 2016 9:00 am

Someone Just Designed a BMW Motorcycle That Thinks It’s a Shark

It's ferocious

The future of speed and aerodynamics, as it turns out, is prehistoric.

Introducing the BMW Titan Concept, which takes its inspiration from the body lines of a shark.

A completely closed front end reduces resistance and funnels air towards the “gills,” which act as intake slots to cool the engine. In the rear, you’ve got a gracious back wheel with a side-locked extention of the gills for heightened aerodynamic composure and a very sharp look. The rider will sit atop the contained super turbo engine amid an advanced instrument cluster reporting the status of the cooling system operations, area specific temperatures and more to help inform lightning fast adjustments.  

Built by designer Memet Doruk Edem (you should check out his other mind-blowing works), the Titan was constructed for land-speed racing and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Is he trying to shatter Suzuki’s current 376 mph record? Yet to be announced. But you can be certain Triumph is saddled up and ready to give the Titan a run for its money.