Vehicles | June 28, 2016 9:00 am

We See Your Submarine Car and Raise You a Boat Tank, Mr. Bond

Here’s the amphibious yacht you don’t need, definitely want

The history of the amphibious car is a long but not-really-that-storied one. There was the short-lived Chevy Corphibian. The one LBJ used to prank friends with. The one James Bond drove in The Spy Who Loved Me.

But despite some pop-culture turns and the occasional affections of a certain billionaire futurist, they haven’t exactly proven useful enough to merit mass production.

Maybe that’s because we’ve been designing them backwards.

Iguana Yachts is taking a new approach to the amphibious vehicle — namely, by starting with the boat part instead of the car. Taking inspiration from the animal that lends them their name, the French company’s newest creation, the carbon-fiber Expedition 31, can operate like a badass on land or water.

The 31-foot vessel is outfitted with an outboard “landing gear” apparatus that deploys in eight seconds and can scale inclines of up to 30 degrees with ease. And the boat’s overwater capabilities aren’t mitigated by its ability to go on land, reaching a top speed of 40 knots. (Don’t worry, it comes with shock-absorbing seats.)

Also included: GPS, Bluetooth wireless streaming to Bose speakers and, like other Iguana boats, the ability to configure custom colors, finish, leathers and materials.  

See you at the marina, Mrs. Musk, Bond, Johnson et al.