Vehicles | March 8, 2017 9:00 am

Do You Have Time to Talk About Our Lord and Savior, Bentley’s First All-Electric Car?

It's a convertible. It's eco-friendly. And gorgeous as hell.

We applaud your efforts and recognize your best intentions, Prius. But this Bentley makes it look like you’re not even trying.

The just-unveiled Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6E Convertible concept is bringing the opulent heat to the Geneva Motor Show.

The least attractive bit about it, its name, actually does serve a purpose. The “EXP” translates to experimental in Bentley tongue. The number 12 is indicative of the 12th concept car the British automaker has produced, while Speed 6 means the car is the second in a smaller series right under the Continental GT. “E” is for electric. And convertible means convertible.

True to Bentley form, they’ve put the civility of their consumer first. The EXP 12 will power-up via inductive charging, which means no messy cables to dirty oneself with. A single charge is stated to carry one from Milan to Paris, or between 180 and 280 miles. Not too shabby.

Plus, it’s ravishing. The interior, with all it’s ornate, rocket-emblazoned elements is a little Burt Reynolds for my style, but I wouldn’t complain. There’s no official word on when the EXP 12 might come into production. But that plug-in Bentayga coming next year should suit the world fine until then.