Vehicles | July 21, 2016 9:00 am

McLaren CEO: Sorry, Those F1 Revival Rumors Are Bulls**t

Well, that was fun while it lasted

Update 25 July 2016

In some cases, gossip is helpful and serves as a valuable way of obtaining factual information.

In others, like this one, it’s as useful as a White Sox throwback jersey hanging anywhere near Chris Sale.  

When rumors began flying late last week that McLaren Automotive was working on a successor to its F1 supercar with the intention of bringing it to market in 2018, we got a little hot and bothered. So did everyone else.

Unfortunately for all of us, McLaren boss Mike Flewitt threw cold water on the idea while speaking with reporters at the company’s financial results meeting, according to Car and Driver.

“You get asked all the time,” Flewitt reportedly said. “I regularly get asked for three seats and a V-12 and a manual gearbox. I just don’t think there’s a real business case to do one of those.”

Then came the nail in the coffin: “We loved the F1, but we’re not going to make another one.”

Oh well. Was fun while it lasted.


While we don’t typically condone gossip, today we’re making an exception.

Because word on the street has it that 2018 could be the year that McLaren finally brings the successor to the legendary F1 to market.

(Take a moment; we did.)

The unnamed make will will reportedly be a three-seater with the same comfy — well, comfy for a supercar —  suspension settings as the F1, which has been on the shelf since 1999, when the British manufacturer retired it after an eight-year, 106-make run. The newbie will churn out 700 HP and top 200 MPH, and it’ll be built for the road, unlike the track makes (the P1 GTR, e.g.) that McLaren is typically known for.

McLaren Special Ops won’t comment on the validity of the claims, but the market is prime for a new make, demand so great they can’t roll ’em off the production line fast enough.