Vehicles | February 27, 2017 9:00 am

Steve Jobs’s Iconic Seiko Is Getting a Limited-Edition Reissue

That's not an Apple Watch. This is an Apple Watch.

Turns out Steve Jobs liked his watch, like his outfits, with as little fuss as possible.

Seiko, in cahoots with the Tokyo retailer Nano Universe, will soon re-release the Seiko Chariot, a strikingly minimalist timepiece best remembered as the one Jobs was sporting during a 1984 Time photo shoot, where the former Apple CEO was showing off the first Macintosh.

This is as straight-forward as a watch gets: a slim (33mm, with an option for 37.5mm) black-and-white stainless steel beauty that pretty much tells the time and gets out of your way.

As the Seiko Japan site notes about the watch’s style: “Proposed a sophisticated ‘dressing’ based on Tokyo casual, interwoven with European traditional such as Britain, France, Italy. I would like to help more people make wardrobes.” (Damn you, Google Translate!)

Unfortunately, the Chariot will limited to sales in Japan, with a release set for March 10. Only 1982 in of the white-dial (in each size) and 300 of each size of the black-dial watches will be released, all at an impressively low $180—or 1/5 of what you’d spend on the new iPhone. As TechRadar notes, the original watch Jobs wore was recently auctioned off for $42,500.

(Steve Jobs/Time photo courtesy of cea+/Flickr Creative Commons)