Vehicles | January 10, 2017 9:00 am

A Dirtbike and a Snowmobile Tried to Make a Baby. It Worked.

Now THIS is what we call an all-terrain vehicle

By The Editors

Most men put their favorite four-stroke bike under lock, key and a weatherproof tarpaulin when winter sets in.

Not the fellas at Christini. They just swap out the tires for a couple tread-wrapped skis and head back out to the trails.

The Christini II-Track AWD Snow Utility Bike is Christini’s newest winter thrillride, an add-on to either its 450 four-stroke or 300 three-stroke bikes. It’s as easy as popping of the wheels and replacing them with two powered snow tracks, one of which goes between the two split skis on the front fork. Each of these can be adjusted for conditions, whether it’s high powder, snow pack or even dirt and mud.

There’s a little catchall in the back for your gear, and you’ll need it, because this puppy is built to go deep into the backcountry.