Summer Is a Street Bike Specifically Designed for Going Surfing

From riptides to shark attacks, surfers have enough on their minds without having to worry about finding a parking spot.

Helping surfers get to water without having to strap their boards on the roof of a car: Deus Customs; new Honda C70 with a surfboard holder.

A product of the Deus Customs outpost in Bali, the Sea Sider’s ‘74 C70 body was gifted with an engine from a ‘95 Honda Astra to give it more board-hauling power and an electric start option. Then, to give the build a “bicycle feel,” the crew at the Canggu-based shop sourced vintage bike parts like the handlebars and front light from a nearby island and installed them on the C70.

Surfboard Bike (5 images)

With added touches like imported rims, wooden slats and a handmade exhaust system, the Sea Sider’s custom metal frame was nearly stripped to the bone to make the bike supremely light on its wheels — and as nostalgia-inducing as possible. “We wanted to build ourselves a new surf-commuter for around Canggu,” Deus’ Tom Hawkins told Bike Exif. “Previously, it would have needed off-road capability, but the roads in the area are now smoothly paved.”

That’s two smooth rides for the price of one. Well, assuming you actuallly know how to use that surfboard.