Vehicles | September 27, 2016 9:00 am

Thirty Rolls-Royce Phantoms Have Been Delivered to a Single Buyer

Largest bulk order in company history

Given the number’s common association with paranormal activity, it makes perfect sense that Hong Kong entrepreneur Stephen Hung’s luxurious “13” hotel is haunted by a fleet of phantoms.

The 13 is “seeking to recapture the values of a golden age when all luxury was bespoke, artisanal and personalized,” so it also makes sense those phantoms happen to be Rolls-Royces.

After Hung took possession of the first of his custom fleet of 30 Phantoms — which represent the biggest bulk order of cars in company history — at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the remaining 29 extended-wheelbase models are on their way to the hotel in Macau.

Twenty-eight of the 20-foot-long models feature “specially formulated ‘Stephen Red’ exterior paint,” while the remaining two Phantoms have been hand-painted in red infused with gold particles and outfitted with gold Pantheon grilles and diamond encrusted Rolls-Royce badges.

Specially trained chauffeurs will provide complimentary transportation in the “regular” signature red cars while the remaining two models will be reserved for the hotel’s most important VIPs (sometimes called whales). No doubt a few will be cozying up in The 13’s $100,000-per-night deluxe suite.

“Macau is rapidly evolving into the luxury capital of the world, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to add to Macau’s many distinctions,” Hung said when the $20-million fleet was commissioned. “Louis XIII and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars share the same philosophy: to deliver the perfect experience to the world’s most discerning customers.”

Unfortunately, those customers are gonna have to wait until The 13 opens. Until then …