Raddest High School Class Ever Builds a ‘65 Shelby

I built a lamp and a jewelry box in high school.

A lamp and a jewelry box.

Feeling like I really drew the short straw here, because one Detroit-area high school was recently assigned to assemble a 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe.

Created in collaboration with the Ford Fund and the Detroit Public Schools Community District and Experience Aviation, the class created a legendary replica steed with more than 1,000 parts designed by Factory Five Racing and a 305-pony, 306-cubic inch engine courtesy of Ford. 

Shelby (2 images)

All in all, the “assignment” took 18 weeks and taught the kids valuable science, tech, engineering and math (the much-ballyhooed STEM) skills. Ford also pushed the student’s imaginations by challenging them to improve on the car’s safety and sustainability measures.

This is one class we’re certain no one played hooky from.