Vehicles | December 19, 2016 9:00 am

Lamborghini School Is Our New Favorite Way to Burn Through $12k In Vegas

Forget blackjack — this is a guaranteed win

You know how slimy timeshare brokers will lure you into their resorts with dinner and massages and sunset cruises so you can get a taste of the lifestyle that could be yours?

This is kind of like that, but much more rewarding.

Like driver’s ed for the Fast & Furious set, you can now learn to drive a Lambo in Las Vegas.

For a mere $12k, drivers can take the not-at-all street-legal Super Trofeo Huracán for a spin. Or they can sink into the more “road-friendly” Aventador Super Veloce, which churns out 750 ponies with 12 cylinders and costs nearly a half-a-million smackaroos.

The cherry on top of the experience is a series of time-trial tests that will measure your skill, with the top racers then being invited to an ultra-exclusive, two-day Super Trofeo competition. Those winners will be transported via helicopter to the track, where a personal pit crew awaits you. All for only an extra $25k.  

Worth it.

If you don’t own a Lambo, it’s a better way to burn through your pockets in Vegas than sitting at a felt table, hands down. And if you do own a Lambo — well, let’s just say the lessons are essential for you. Take it from this cowboy.

via Esquire