Vehicles | May 13, 2017 5:00 am

Ferrari’s Next Hypercar Already Taking Shape

Italian Automaker's New Project Aims to Replace the LaFerrari By 2022

Enjoy the LaFerrari while you can, because Ferrari is already developing their next hypercar.

The company’s chief technology officer, Michael Leiters, told Autocar that Ferrari is busy charting a “new roadmap of technology and innovation,” which their new hypercar project will symbolize. Leiters also acknowledged that F1 engines aren’t really suited for road cars these days, so future Ferrari projects will be moving away from them.

With the news that Mercedes is working on an F1-engine hypercar called Project One, it makes sense that Ferrari wants to get something new on the market by 2022. One aspect that will be retained from the LaFerrari is  the hybrid engine, as company president Sergio Marchionne wants hybrid engines in every Ferrari model by 2019.