Vehicles | April 6, 2017 9:00 am

The Panthermobile Was Made for One Thing and One Thing Only

Wet bar. Pink shag carpet. Bow chika wow wow.

No offense the original Batmobile, but if we’re picking our favorite car from a painfully dated television program, we’re taking the uber-groovy Panthermobile.

Designed as the flagship vehicle for The Pink Panther Show, which first aired in 1969, the Panthermobile is a 23-foot-long custom limo that’s built on a ‘60s Oldsmobile Toronado chassis. It is the ultimate slice of gaudy ’70s kitsch, and we love it. 

Safety was not the main concern during the crafting of the front-wheel-drive car: the driver’s seat is located outside the car directly in front of the vehicle’s seven-liter engine. However, the placement of the cockpit does allow the occupants of the thin-snouted car to enjoy some privacy.

Given the miniature wet bar and the full-on pink shag carpet, privacy is probably something you’d want if joyriding around in this whip.

Additional features on the car — which cost $100,000 to build and was sold at auction for substantially more than that in 2011 following a full restoration by Galpin Auto Sports — include two-piece clamshell doors, a backup camera linked to a small TV and a vintage ‘70s car phone.

If you’re a panther looking for a cougar, you could do a lot worse than this. Check out more looks in the full gallery below.

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