The Original Porsche 356 Is Touring the World

Notice how in recent years people have started claiming “birthday weekends”? We blame social media. Porsche, meanwhile, has been celebrating one heck of a birthday year. And we don’t blame them one bit.

After looking to the future with their mysterious “Project Gold” car (recently revealed to be a 911 Turbo 993) which will be auctioned off in Atlanta later this year, Porsche is looking back on 70 years of sports car excellence, to where it all began — with the 1948 Porsche 356 prototype.

356 (5 images)

The 356 was the first car Porsche ever slapped a registration number on. And thanks to its current continental show-and-tell, you can see the George Washington of roadsters for yourself. After stints in South Africa, the UK and Germany, the 356 will make an appearance at Vancouver’s Luxury & Supercar Weekend this upcoming weekend, before heading stateside September 27-30 for the Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca.

Full disclosure, what you’ll encounter isn’t exactly the car Porsche engineers rolled out of the shop all those years ago. Seven decades is a long time, and the 356/1 changed custom suits almost as often as it changed hands. Still, it’s been painstakingly restored, and paired with a 3D-scanned “show” car for the tour. It’s still a two-door, two-seater open roadster, with a whopping 40-HP (be nice) off a 1.1-L VW engine, the grandpappy whose grandkids all could go to sportscar school thanks to his sacrifices.

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