If You Have a Computer, You Can Build This Motorcycle
By The Editors / April 14, 2016 9:00 am

In the future, you won’t need to be able to wield a welding torch or operate complex tools to build yourself a motorcycle.

You will need to know how to click “Download,” however. Hope you can handle it.

Jack Lennie, a Product Design major at Edinburgh Napier University, spent eight months working on a design for a quick-build motorbike frame made up of parts riders can cut from a flat sheet of 15mm stock metal and assemble with simple tools.

The downloadable Tinker design — which can fit a variety of engines and accommodate a range of seats, tanks and handlebars —  is meant to be taken to shops that use CAD/CAM software so the materials can be manufactured on the spot, eliminating the need for shipping.

In addition to creating a “striking unique aesthetic,” Tinker frames can be outfitted with parts like wheels, forks and tanks that have been salvaged from motorcycles deemed unworthy of the road.

“Tinker is a bike for the beginner, weekend shed builder, enthusiast or professional builder alike,” according to the designer. It’s the world’s first custom bike “by the user, for the user.”

Lennie is still looking for investors to fund his project, but is confident plans for the Tinker frame will be available for download later this year.

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