One of the Last Mad Max-ian Jensen Interceptors Is Up for Sale

Many great things were just getting underway in 1976. Apple. The Rocky franchise. Fidel Castro’s beard.

Sadly, it was also an annum that many things came to an end — and one of them was Jensen Motors Ltd.

For 42 years, the British car manufacturer was known ‘round the world for creating GT-class sports cars. Their last model — the steel-bodied Interceptor III (1966-’76) — was handbuilt to resemble the Brasinca Uirapuru coupes that were manufactured in Brazil in the mid-’60s.

Only 177 of the models were made in the car’s final production year — and it just so happens that one of the 385 HPs beauts is for sale on eBay with an asking price of less than $40,000.

The vehicle is outfitted with Chrysler V8 engines, aluminum trim and three-speed automatic gearboxes. Painted a glossy black, it comes with original gauges, leather front bucket seats, AC, power seats and windows, a sliding sunroof and, best of all, a Motorola AM/FM 8-track — this was 1976 after all.

As of this writing, bidding was just over $20,000.

Remember, it’s one of the last of the V8 Interceptors, a piece of history.

Don’t let it meet the same fate Mad Max’s did.

All images via Hemmings