A Folding Bike That Won’t Render You a Card-Carrying Dweeb
By Alex Lauer / May 30, 2017 9:00 am

The main deterrent to buying a folding bike?

Despite being a sensible and ergonomic mode of transportation, the majority lack a front triangle, resulting in wonky designs that announces to passersby, “Hey, I’m riding a folding bike.”

Can’t these superbly convenient and storage-friendly contraptions just look a little more like, y’know, normal bikes?

Roll up those cuffs, people, because we’ve now got the Whippet Bicycle. Designed and built in the U.K., the collapsible pedaler keeps the pragmatism while upgrading the silhouette to a classic diamond frame.

Whippet Bicycle (4 images)

It’s not the smallest folding bike on the market, but designer Graham Powell states two other main objectives: a supremely enjoyable ride and a state-of-the-art folding system. You can watch the patent pending folding in action online. But it’s more than a mesmerizing GIF: the design won the “Technical Excellence” award at Bespoked, the U.K.’s annual handmade bicycle show, when it debuted there in April.

The magic comes via in-line retraction, as opposed to the standard hinged technique common among foldables. And once the 25-lb. chromoly steel frame transforms into one-third of its riding size (in about 60 seconds), you can grab hold of a handle and roll it, rather than heaving-ho over your shoulder.

Unfortunately, the Whippet won’t be available for preorder until later this year, with a price expected to be around $3,890. But you can sign-up for updates on their website.