Vehicles | December 6, 2016 9:00 am

May We Interest You in an Enclosed Jet Ski Party Mobile?

Fits seven — along with an engine packing 700 horses

When you’re a company that’s already incorporated floating spaceships into your business model, you clearly don’t have a problem thinking outside of the box — or the universe.

However, as Jet Capsule’s new design shows, they also have no issue sticking with what works.

A miniature version of the original Jet Capsule, the Super Jet Capsule is powered by twin gas engines packing 250 ponies a pop that can boost the 3,300-pound craft up to 80 MPH. For owners who are more eco-conscious, those motors can be replaced with twin electric engines.

Designed to mimic the way a jet ski negotiates waves, the Super Jet’s aerodynamic shell is made from dry carbon and structured to hold seven guests within its air-conditioned interior.

It’s also outfitted with extras like an automatic docking system, photochromic windows and shock-absorbent seating. And if need be, the 20-foot vessel can be towed behind a larger boat.

When the units start shipping in 2019, we think they’ll pair quite nicely with a Baby Airstream.