Vehicles | March 22, 2017 9:00 am

Bugatti’s New Bicycles Could Make a Grown Man Cry

Is there such a thing as bike insurance?

They haven’t made planes or trains (yet), but Bugatti’s master craftsmen have manufactured some pretty stellar automobiles, boats and early-era Power Wheels in the marque’s 108 years.

Now, due to a partnership with German retro bike shop Pimpgarage, bicycles are on the list and, for what it lacks in a creative name, the PG Bugatti Bike makes up for in weight — or the lack of it, rather.

The 11-pound bike’s frame is made of primarily carbon fiber and its fork, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, crank and brake are also made of high-strength fiber that’s been handcrafted using methods usually “found only in the motor sport and aeronautic industries” to guarantee quality.

Bugatti Bike (3 images)

The bike’s handlebars are equipped with shock absorbers to substantially improve comfort and the PG can be outfitted with different types of leather and paint to match an owner’s preference.

The PG will be limited to a run of just 667 units and is expected to be priced in the $40k range.

This might be your best chance to get a Bugatti in your garage, so here’s where to hit ‘em up.