Vehicles | August 23, 2016 9:00 am

Stand-Up Jet Skis Are Back, Still Totally Effing Radical

Your '90s nostalgia is about to get jacked up to 11

Details are few, but it appears fans of Kawasaki’s original Jet Ski (and/or Wave Racer 64) have cause to stand up and cheer.

The last version of Kawasaki’s stand-up Jet Ski (the “Final Edition” SX-R) was retired five years ago, but it looks like the company plans to revive its original model after the half-decade hiatus.

Kawasaki made the announcement via a teaser video that doesn’t reveal much in the way of specs, pricing or performance, but does indicate that the 2017 Jet Ski SX-R will be out this October.

In addition to that nugget of info, the 38-second clip says the stand-up model will be sleeker than its predecessor, pack a powerful four-stroke engine and be “competition ready.”

While it’ll be interesting to see if the single-passenger design sells — the watercraft market is currently flooded with larger models — it’s nice to see Kawasaki take a stand for a classic.