Vehicles | August 8, 2014 9:00 am

Smart Car

By The Editors

Google Glass on your face?

Smart tech, stupid look.

Google Glass in your car windshield?

Smart tech … and actually very useful.

Meet Navdy, a super intelligent, heads-up display for your car windshield, taking pre-orders now.

Navdy is a five-inch projector you stick on your dashboard. It interacts with your phone (via Bluetooth or WiFi), beaming out an interactive, transparent screen on your car’s front window.

The display, very bright but unobtrusive, looks like it’s about six feet in front of you — right at eye level. It’s similar to what commercial airline pilots use/see when they’re landing, according to Navdy’s funny intro video.

Your eyes will never leave the road.

With it on, you’ll have access to all your phone’s goodies. Phone calls, texts, social media, Pandora, turn-by-turn navigation.

Need to change tracks or answer texts? Use simple hand swipes or Siri-like voice controls.

And because you’re connected to the car’s OBD-II port, Navdy can provide instant diagnostics (fuel economy, tire pressure, etc.).

It’s a one-time charge for Navdy: no subscriptions needed. It works with both iPhone and Android. And, for the month, they’re offering 40% off on any pre-order.

Just a heads up.