Vehicles | April 9, 2014 9:00 am

Mustang Tally

By The Editors

The Ford Mustang is a bare-knuckle brawler.

Rear-wheeled. Back-axled. Sporting the brawny body of a steel-ab’d street fighter.

And at fifty years old — the Mustang’s 50th birthday is April 16th — it contains within its sturdy frame the history of, well, us.

With that in mind, we present The History of America as Told by Ten Ford Mustangs.


That is, how the Mustang reflects the life and times of the people who built it.

You may know some of the high points: Steve McQueen in Bullitt. A few James Bond flicks. “Mustang Sally.”


But there were low times, for sure (the Mustang’s greatest enemies: OPEC, groovy colors and Vanilla Ice).

But rise or fall — or rise again — the Mustang is an enduring part of the American landscape.

So enjoy your 50th, Mustang.

For once, it’s good to see something old driving down the highway.