Vehicles | August 15, 2016 9:00 am

This Handmade Custom Motorcycle Should Come With a Drool Guard

“Make sure you hang on when you twist the throttle”

If you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself atop Maxwell Hazan’s Musket motorcycle, its designer has a piece of advice to keep you vertical: “Make sure you hang on when you twist the throttle.”

Designed by Hazan’s custom bike shop, Hazan Motorworks, the Musket was built around a custom V-twin engine that was constructed by merging a pair of powerful Royal Enfield engines.

Due to the size and unconventional shape of the engine, each piece of the Musket’s aluminum frame had to be made by hand to accommodate it, and the only parts of the bike that Hazan actually purchased were the headlight, wheels and massive BF Goodrich Silvertown tires.

Since the bike was completely handmade from scratch, Hazan was able to let his imagination run wild, and the bike’s lines, angles and shape are unlike any other custom build on the road.

A stickler for details, Hazan made the Musket’s seat out of a piece of aged walnut and then lacquered it in polyurethane and polished it until it was “finished like a Steinway Piano.”

Still, despite the chance to customize the 55-HP bike’s looks, there’s no doubt the engine was what inspired Hazan. “The Musket is a project that I have wanted to build for years; even before I built motorcycles for a living,” he told Pipeburn. “I used to drool over this handmade gem of an engine. It’s essentially where the build started. It’s a work of art.”

We’ll go one better: Masterpiece.