Vehicles | December 20, 2016 9:00 am

Never Thought We’d Say This, But: Nice Moped

It's probably giving a Vespa a wedgie as we speak

Back when I lived in SF, there was one thing my curmudgeonly old neighbor and I could agree on: our mutual hatred of the local moped gang that cruised down our street daily. They were so loud. But not in a sexy, petrol-and-squealing-tires way.

More in a “Get those kids off my lawn” way.

We exchanged menacing glances of disapproval as they tore by. Then, one day, I rode one. That day, everything changed. Because, little secret: mopeds are undeniably fun. A surefire route to unleashing your inner scrappy teen troublemaker.

Only drawback? They still look like mopeds.

Or at least they used to.

Enter ‘Step Up Your Game,’ a custom job from Cali-based workshop Moto-matic. It’s everything fun requires and nothing more.

Commissioned by ex-pro skater Mike Rafter, the crew started with a traditional Batavus HS-50 motorcycle and stripped it back to its original condition. The seat, rear-end and motor mounts were crafted in-house, and the tubing hand-bent with a vice and torch. A little powdercoating, et voila, we’re in business.

Red, rough and ready to go wreak some harmless havoc on the neighborhood curmudgeon.

via designboom