Vehicles | February 28, 2017 9:00 am

The Mercedes ‘Valhalla’ Will Give You Serious #VanLife Envy

Eternal paradise is ... a van with a fully enclosed shower, ap

You wouldn’t think there’d be much aftermarket life for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Cargo Van. Then you see an outfitter like Oregon-based Outside Van get ahold of one, and it becomes clear: “Oh, that’s what they’re supposed to look like.”

In other words: Outside Van’s Valhalla is paradise on earth.

One can only imagine sliding two mountain bikes into the rear, packing the isotopic fridge full of prepped gourmet meals and hoppy oat sodas, then cruising off to a little-known slice of American wilderness.

valhalla outdoor van (7 images)

The leather mattress sleeps two and can be adjusted to make room for more gear as well as a sofa. There’s a shower and solar panels to keep the place humming without draining your battery. And the tire upgrade ensures you can go deeper into the wilderness.

This particular one is spoken for, but Outside Van does custom jobs so you should let it be a source of inspiration.