Vehicles | July 11, 2016 9:00 am

Meet the Baddest Benz You’ll Ever See

Savior concept SUV protects drivers from falling debris

Thanks to the merging of man’s infinite imagination with modern design techniques, concept vehicles come in all shapes and sizes.

In addition to cars, there are now concept yachts, concept snowmobiles and even concept whatever-the-hell-this-thing-is.

Dreamed up by Seyoon Jeong at his design studio in South Korea, the Mercedes-Benz Savior is a heavy duty construction vehicle that can deploy a powerful net canopy at a moment’s notice in order to give workers overhead protection from dropped objects at a construction site or from falling rocks during an excavation. 

The Busan-based designer also equipped the concept model with the ability to lock itself in place using a front-mounted anchoring system when the steel platform holding the net is unfurled from the rear of the vehicle.

While the deluxe digger is still, sadly, just a design on Jeong’s drawing board, Mercedes has shown a willingness to get creative with its industrial models in the past.

Here’s hoping they do it again.