Vehicles | July 13, 2016 9:00 am

Mercedes-Benz Just Invented a New Reason to Take Up Golf

They say 90% of the game is half having a dope set of wheels

We didn’t even realize golf carts were ugly.

… and then we saw the Benz.

While golf has long since evolved into a empire of exorbitantly priced equipment and even more exorbitantly priced destinations, the lowly cart has gone for the most part unchanged.

But Mercedes-Benz saw room for improvement, and accordingly collaborated with Garcia to make this handsome new means of club conveyance. A predominately carbon-fiber construction, the “real sports car” is road- and range-ready (where allowed) and runs on a 4-horsepower motor with bursts of 15 HP, topping out at 19 MPH. It’s fitted with working headlights, tail lights and turn signals.

The MVP feature is really the high-res 10.1-inch touchscreen, though, which provides two primary functions. The top half of the screen displays speed, battery range, modes (including eco and sport options), lights and wipers. The lower half is reserved for all things golf, including course layout, cart position and digital scorecard. Additional apps are available and at the ready, like a weather app to monitor the hopefully sunny skies.

It’s also got a killer audio system with bluetooth and frame-mounted speakers, ball storage drawer and a fridge tucked beneath the seat for easy beverage access.

Benz is currently only going to produce two prototypes, but there could be further investment in the project based on consumer reaction.

Drivers wanted, in more ways than one.