Vehicles | August 1, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s How to Own This TRON-Inspired Superbike

It’s the only one available in North America

Back in 2014, Daniel Simon — a former Bugatti designer and the man behind the design of the Lightcycles in the TRON reboot — partnered with German motorsports outfit Kodewa to build the Lotus C-01, a superbike based off his legendary concept designs.

Sci-fi fans went bonkers for the body; gearheads went crazy for everything else. Only 100 were made. Simon called it “a high-tech monster in a tailored suit.” We call it one of the most beautiful machines ever made.

Of the 100 Lotus C-01s ever built, it’s believed only one example exists in North America. And one very lucky rider will be going home with it when it hits the auction block at Mecum later this month.

Specs worth noting: the bike uses a modified 1195 cc V-twin engine from a RC8R superbike built around a chassis from Kalex, and it’s finished with an eye-catching carbon-fiber shell built of 12 sections.

Mecum says it’ll fetch anywhere from $370,000 to $450,000.

Plus side: thing’s never been ridden before. And with an asking price like that, chances are it’ll stay that way.