Vehicles | September 15, 2016 9:00 am

What Happens on This Superyacht, Stays on This Superyacht

The SHY’s unique design will keep all your secrets

From keeping warm in winter to constructing the perfect plate of nachos, the art of layering is an important skill to master. Based on their newest concept, we’d say the folks at Lobanov Naval Design have it down cold.

Measuring in at 360 feet, the Italian firm’s “SHY” superyacht’s exterior is wrapped in layers of flowing ribbons that keep the vessel shrouded in mystery — hence its name.

Despite its layered look, the yacht’s superstructure is neat, sleek and, above all, functional.

“That’s how we see the way to express a feeling of privacy from outside which doesn’t compromise panoramic views from inside … lightweight and translucent,”  designer Igor Lobanov told CharterWorld. “Yacht SHY will keep your secrets.”

Those secrets include whatever the owner of the steel-hulled SHY chooses to do in its glass elevator, along with a spacious swimming pool installed on the 4,200-ton boat’s main aft deck.

Nearing completion, the SHY superyacht is set to debut at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

Good lucking getting aboard.